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Our embroidered bog coats are made of Medium to heavy weight wool Melton. They are heavyweight and warm for those cold events. Each is lined in contrasting 100% silk dupioni. This adds a lot of warmth as it helps keep out the wind. Additionally, the contrasting color is visually delightful.

Samples of Hooded Hare Coats

Front of the coats

The front of each coat can have patches with antler buttons down the front. One can also choose to have patches at the top of each inset gore. These are applied using a blanket stitch.

Back of coat

The back of each coat has two opposing designs across the shoulders. These can be done in any color combination.

I can also add decorative stitching along the seams.


Construction details:

I use the basic medieval pattern for my bog coats.

This cut has been found in bog finds throughout Scandinavia and England.

All seams on wool are pinked while the silk is finished with a serged seam. The seam binding is made of silk. This can contrast with or match the inside silk lining.

Each coat is done with great care towards color and design esthetics. The designs are colorful yet durable.

If you would like to order a coat, please contact me via email aurelia at the hooded hare dot com.

Examples of coats I have made:

Celtic Horse

Size Large 100% wool lined in red dupioni

Celtic Dragon

Size M-L 100%woo lined in green dupioni

Celtic Birds

Size L-XL 100% wool lined in teal dupioni.

Celtic Stags

Size M-L 100% wool lined with dk brown dupioni.

Celtic Tigers

Size XL-XXL 100% wool lined in purple dupioni

Playa Style

coat for Burning Man - special order only - $850



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