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Hats and head covering are an important finishing touch to any historical wardrobe.

Samples of the Hooded Hare's Hats

Fabric Flat Hats

Flat hats are seen throughout the renaissance in most countries and classes. Worn by both men and women.
Price $24.00 US

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Elizabethan Tall Hat

This is the type of hat worn by mostly women in Elizabeth's England. This type of hat is entirely hand sewn and made with a buckram foundation. It  has a shaped brim and is usually made of wool.
Price $255.00 US and up

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Torse, veil, barbette

A torse is a type of hat which is worn on top of a veil. This one is 100% silk.
Veils is 100% linen as is the Barbette.
 silk $55.00 US  linen $45.00 US
Veil: $22.00 US
Barbette: $18.00 US

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  Round Tipped Pleated Hat
This style of hat is very popular among
women and men of the late 16th C. See
in a variety of paintings, drawings, and
extant pieces.

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The coif was worn from early times through the Elizabethan era. It can be worn alone, or under a cap or hat.
Price $32.00 US

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Pleated Hats

Pleated hats were popular in
England, Germany and Spain. They were worn by all genders and most classes.
Price: $110.00 US and up

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Construction Details:

Details of Flat Hats:
Out flat hats are fully lined in cotton muslin and finished with a bias strip around the head. Can be made of almost any fabric, in almost any color.
Price: $24.00 US
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Inside of flat hats

Details of Torse, Veils, and Barbettes:
Torse: The torse is made with a  buckram foundation lined in linen. It has no top so you can show off your fab veil! Torses can be made from silk dupioni, silk velvet or linen.
Price: silks - $55.00 US  linen - $45.00 US

Veils: Veils are made of 100% hankie weight linen and finished with a rolled hem. They are 32" long and oval. Finished edge can be done in almost any color including white.
Price: $22.00 US
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Veil worn pinned

Barbettes: Barbettes are worn under the chin and are frequently seen worn in conjunction with a veil. Ours is slightly curved and fitted so that it fits under your chin without bunching. It fold around your head and can be pinned on the top, there us usually plenty of overlap.  The are lined with linen. Our barbettes are 27" long and one size fits almost everyone.
Price: $18.00 US

Barbette worn alone

Details of Coifs: Coifs are made of 100% linen and lined with linen so machine stitching does not show. Coifs have linen ties. Made in three sections, they stay on your head very well. Can also be made in a color if you so desire. They come in XS (children's) Med (average adult) Large and X-Large.
Price: $32.00 US
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English Tall Hat: These tall hats are made of 100% wool over a hand stitched buckram foundation with wired edges. This style has a separate tip, and stock, sewn by hand. Additionally, the brim is also finished such that the sewing is hidden. Made from wool. Elizabethan tall hats work best if made from lightweight wool or cashmere. I usually have black available but if you need a specific color, please email me and we'll see if I can find it.
Price: $225.00 US

Inside English Tall Hat

Details of German Tall Hat: One of my personal favorites - this German style hat is entirely hand made. It has a buckram foundation and hidden brim edges. This type of hat was usually worn by Germanic nobles in the late 1500's. This one is made of 100% silk velvet and lined in silk dupioni. Can be made from Silk velvet, wool or velveteen. Finished hat is 7.5" tall.
Price: $265.00 US
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German Tall Hat

Details of Pleated hats: These hats are worn by all genders and most classes throughout the late 1500's. These are 100% silk brocade over a buckram foundation, lined with silk dupioni. Brims can either have a point in the front - very English or you can choose the Spanish style of having a round brim.

These hats work very well with silk brocade, silk velvet, cotton velveteen or wool. Please let me know what color/s you want and I'll send along pics of what I have. I have access to pretty extensive array of silk brocade fabrics. Finished hat is 5" tall.

Price: $110.00 US

Silk linings

Supplying your own fabric: It is fine if you want to supply your own fabric so that your hat is made of the same fabric as your gown or suit. All I ask if that you supply high quality, suitable fabrics. If you're not sure, send me an email with fiber content and a pic if available. It takes about 1 yard of 60" fabric to make any of these hats.

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Samples of Hooded Hare hats | Construction details | Order your new hat