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Hat Order Form:

Please fill out this form, you can do it on your computer or print it out and fill it in by hand. Once it is filled in, you will print it and send it along with your check or money order.

Please print out this form for EACH item you order if ordering more than one. If shipping to the same address, feel free to skip to the item details on additional orders - Thanks

Your Name:

Where will this item be sent?
Apt #
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Item Details:

Type of hat

Torse - silk $55.00 linen $45.00 US
Veil - $22.00 US
Barbette - $18.00 US
Flat Hat - $24.00 US
Coif - $32.00 US
English Tall Hat - $255.00 US
German Tall Hat - $265.00 US
Pleated Hat - $110.00 US

Measuring your head:

Using a flexible tape measure, measure around your head 2" above your ears, please report that measurement here:

- now put 2 fingers flat against your head inside the tape measure Please report that measurement here:

What color and fabric would you like?

Please print this page and send it along with your check or MO to:

The Hooded Hare
PO Box 5674
Beaverton OR 97006-0674

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